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Cellular and genetic therapy research group

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The developmental biology laboratory investigates the signalling mechanisms that control fate specification and proliferation in the mouse cortex.


The aim of the ongoing study is to deepen our understanding of signalling pathways that are involved in cortical development, sub-specification of cortical areas, proliferation and communication between supporting cells. Disease models will be established that shall cast light on the function of morphogenetic signals in ageing and dementia. This knowledge should help to develop new strategies for prevention and treatment of disease, either by identifying drug targets, or by developing cell based delivery of therapeutic signals.


  • Understanding cortical development and evolution through cell culture and transgenic model systems.
  • Study interaction and convergence of cortical signalling in animal and cell culture systems
  • wnt signalling in cortical maturation and ageing

Key achievements

Discovery of key signal Shh (Cell 1993). Mutant for manipulation of anterior inductive zone AER (Nature Genetics 1998). Cortex specific manipulation of Wnt signalling (Neuroscience 2003).

Group leader

Professor Stefan Krauss

Section for cellular and genetic therapy
Institute of Medical Microbiology
NO-0027 Oslo

Tel: +47 22958152 or +47 22958155
Fax: +47 22958151

The D6 enhancer allows selective genetic manipulation in the mouse cortex.

Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (CMBN)
PO Box 1105 Blindern, NO-0317 Oslo, Norway. Tel: +47 22851528. Fax: +47 22851488