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Publications 2010

  1. Alstadhaug KB, Odeh F, Salvesen R, Bekkelund SI (2010)
    Prophylaxis of migraine with melatonin: a randomized controlled trial
    Neurology, 75 (17), 1527-32
    PubMed 20975054
  2. Amiry-Moghaddam M, Hoddevik EH, Ottersen OP (2010)
    Aquaporins: multifarious roles in brain
    Neuroscience, 168 (4), 859-61
    PubMed 20450960
  3. Aspholm M, Aas FE, Harrison OB, Quinn D, Vik A, Viburiene R, Tønjum T, Moir J, Maiden MC, Koomey M (2010)
    Structural alterations in a component of cytochrome c oxidase and molecular evolution of pathogenic Neisseria in humans
    PLoS Pathog, 6 (8), e1001055
    PubMed 20808844
  4. Benfenati V, Toffanin S, Capelli R, Camassa LM, Ferroni S, Kaplan DL, Omenetto FG, Muccini M, Zamboni R (2010)
    A silk platform that enables electrophysiology and targeted drug delivery in brain astroglial cells
    Biomaterials, 31 (31), 7883-91
    PubMed 20688390
  5. Berle M, Wester KG, Ulvik RJ, Kroksveen AC, Haaland OA, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Berven FS, Helland CA (2010)
    Arachnoid cysts do not contain cerebrospinal fluid: A comparative chemical analysis of arachnoid cyst fluid and cerebrospinal fluid in adults
    Cerebrospinal Fluid Res, 7, 8
    PubMed 20537169
  6. Bohlin J, Snipen L, Hardy SP, Kristoffersen AB, Lagesen K, Dønsvik T, Skjerve E, Ussery DW (2010)
    Analysis of intra-genomic GC content homogeneity within prokaryotes
    BMC Genomics, 11, 464
    PubMed 20691090
  7. Boulland JL, Halasi G, Kasumacic N, Glover JC (2010)
    Xenotransplantation of human stem cells into the chicken embryo
    J Vis Exp (41)
    PubMed 20644515
  8. Brodtkorb E, Strand J, Backe PH, Lund AM, Bjørås M, Rootwelt T, Rootwelt H, Woldseth B, Eide L (2010)
    Four novel mutations identified in Norwegian patients result in intermittent maple syrup urine disease when combined with the R301C mutation
    Mol Genet Metab, 100 (4), 324-32
    PubMed 20570198
  9. Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
    Autophagic degradation of an oncoprotein
    Autophagy, 6 (7), 964-5
    PubMed 20724820
  10. Børud B, Aas FE, Vik A, Winther-Larsen HC, Egge-Jacobsen W, Koomey M (2010)
    Genetic, structural, and antigenic analyses of glycan diversity in the O-linked protein glycosylation systems of human Neisseria species
    J Bacteriol, 192 (11), 2816-29
    PubMed 20363948
  11. Bøyum A, Skrede KK, Myhre O, Tennfjord VA, Neurauter CG, Tolleshaug H, Knudsen E, Opstad PK, Bjørås M, Benestad HB (2010)
    Calprotectin (S100A8/S100A9) and myeloperoxidase: co-regulators of formation of reactive oxygen species
    Toxins (Basel), 2 (1), 95-115
    PubMed 22069549
  12. Dahl JA, Reiner AH, Klungland A, Wakayama T, Collas P (2010)
    Histone H3 lysine 27 methylation asymmetry on developmentally-regulated promoters distinguish the first two lineages in mouse preimplantation embryos
    PLoS One, 5 (2), e9150
    PubMed 20161773
  13. Dalen ML, Alme TN, Bjørås M, Munkeby BH, Rootwelt T, Saugstad OD (2010)
    Reduced expression of DNA glycosylases in post-hypoxic newborn pigs undergoing therapeutic hypothermia
    Brain Res, 1363, 198-205
    PubMed 20883672
  14. Davanger S, Ellingsen O, Holen A, Hugdahl K (2010)
    Meditation-specific prefrontal cortical activation during acem meditation: an fMRI study
    Percept Mot Skills, 111 (1), 291-306
    PubMed 21058608
  15. Dembinski JL, Krauss S (2010)
    A Distinct Slow-Cycling Cancer Stem-like Subpopulation of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells is maintained in Vivo
    Cancers, 2 (4), 2011-2025
    PublikaID 116
  16. Duri K, Gumbo FZ, Kristiansen KI, Kurewa NE, Mapingure MP, Rusakaniko S, Chirenje MZ, Muller F, Stray-Pedersen B (2010)
    Antenatal HIV-1 RNA load and timing of mother to child transmission; a nested case-control study in a resource poor setting
    Virol J, 7, 176
    PubMed 20678190
  17. Enserink JM, Kolodner RD (2010)
    An overview of Cdk1-controlled targets and processes
    Cell Div, 5, 11
    PubMed 20465793
  18. Falster DS, Nakken S, Bergem-Ohr M, Rødland EA, Breivik J (2010)
    Unstable DNA repair genes shaped by their own sequence modifying phenotypes
    J Mol Evol, 70 (3), 266-74
    PubMed 20213140
  19. Friis C, Wassenaar TM, Javed MA, Snipen L, Lagesen K, Hallin PF, Newell DG, Toszeghy M, Ridley A, Manning G, Ussery DW (2010)
    Genomic characterization of Campylobacter jejuni strain M1
    PLoS One, 5 (8), e12253
    PubMed 20865039
  20. Gundersen V (2010)
    Protein aggregation in Parkinson's disease
    Acta Neurol Scand Suppl (190), 82-7
    PubMed 20586742
  21. Görbitz CH, Backe PH (2010)
    L-isoleucyl-L-asparagine 1.094-hydrate: a hybrid hydrogen-bonding pattern
    Acta Crystallogr C, 66 (Pt 7), o349-52
    PubMed 20603563
  22. Görbitz CH, Dalhus B, Day GM (2010)
    Pseudoracemic amino acid complexes: blind predictions for flexible two-component crystals
    Phys Chem Chem Phys, 12 (30), 8466-77
    PubMed 20461256
  23. Heiniger RW, Winther-Larsen HC, Pickles RJ, Koomey M, Wolfgang MC (2010)
    Infection of human mucosal tissue by Pseudomonas aeruginosa requires sequential and mutually dependent virulence factors and a novel pilus-associated adhesin
    Cell Microbiol, 12 (8), 1158-73
    PubMed 20331639
  24. Helland CA, Aarhus M, Knappskog P, Olsson LK, Lund-Johansen M, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Wester K (2010)
    Increased NKCC1 expression in arachnoid cysts supports secretory basis for cyst formation
    Exp Neurol, 224 (2), 424-8
    PubMed 20471979
  25. Helm PJ, Nase G, Heggelund P, Reppen T (2010)
    Complementary equipment for controlling multiple laser beams on single scanner MPLSM systems
    PROC SPIE, 7569, 75692Y
  26. Heuser K, Hoddevik EH, Taubøll E, Gjerstad L, Indahl U, Kaczmarek L, Berg PR, Lien S, Nagelhus EA, Ottersen OP (2010)
    Temporal lobe epilepsy and matrix metalloproteinase 9: a tempting relation but negative genetic association
    Seizure, 19 (6), 335-8
    PubMed 20605480
  27. Heuser K, Nagelhus EA, Taubøll E, Indahl U, Berg PR, Lien S, Nakken S, Gjerstad L, Ottersen OP (2010)
    Variants of the genes encoding AQP4 and Kir4.1 are associated with subgroups of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
    Epilepsy Res, 88 (1), 55-64
    PubMed 19864112
  28. Hjornevik T, Schoultz BW, Marton J, Gjerstad J, Drzezga A, Henriksen G, Willoch F (2010)
    Spinal long-term potentiation is associated with reduced opioid neurotransmission in the rat brain
    Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 30 (4), 285-93
    PubMed 20662879
  29. Holz C, Opitz D, Greune L, Kurre R, Koomey M, Schmidt MA, Maier B (2010)
    Multiple pilus motors cooperate for persistent bacterial movement in two dimensions
    Phys Rev Lett, 104 (17), 178104
    PubMed 20482147
  30. Hov JR, Keitel V, Laerdahl JK, Spomer L, Ellinghaus E, ElSharawy A, Melum E, Boberg KM, Manke T, Balschun T, Schramm C, Bergquist A, Weismüller T, Gotthardt D, Rust C, Henckaerts L, Onnie CM, Weersma RK, Sterneck M, Teufel A, Runz H, Stiehl A, Ponsioen CY, Wijmenga C, Vatn MH et al. (2010)
    Mutational characterization of the bile acid receptor TGR5 in primary sclerosing cholangitis
    PLoS One, 5 (8), e12403
    PubMed 20811628
  31. Hu H, Martina M, Jonas P (2010)
    Dendritic mechanisms underlying rapid synaptic activation of fast-spiking hippocampal interneurons
    Science, 327 (5961), 52-8
    PubMed 19965717
  32. Isakson P, Bjørås M, Bøe SO, Simonsen A (2010)
    Autophagy contributes to therapy-induced degradation of the PML/RARA oncoprotein
    Blood, 116 (13), 2324-31
    PubMed 20574048
  33. Jul-Larsen A, Grudic A, Bjerkvig R, Bøe SO (2010)
    Subcellular distribution of nuclear import-defective isoforms of the promyelocytic leukemia protein
    BMC Mol Biol, 11, 89
    PubMed 21092142
  34. Kalousova A, Mavropoulos A, Adams BA, Nekrep N, Li Z, Krauss S, Stainier DY, German MS (2010)
    Dachshund homologues play a conserved role in islet cell development
    Dev Biol, 348 (2), 143-52
    PubMed 20869363
  35. Kaufmann WA, Kasugai Y, Ferraguti F, Storm JF (2010)
    Two distinct pools of large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels in the somatic plasma membrane of central principal neurons
    Neuroscience, 169 (3), 974-86
    PubMed 20595025
  36. Knævelsrud I, Moen MN, Grøsvik K, Haugland GT, Birkeland NK, Klungland A, Leiros I, Bjelland S (2010)
    The hyperthermophilic euryarchaeon Archaeoglobus fulgidus repairs uracil by single-nucleotide replacement
    J Bacteriol, 192 (21), 5755-66
    PubMed 20453094
  37. Lagesen K, Ussery DW, Wassenaar TM (2010)
    Genome update: the 1000th genome--a cautionary tale
    Microbiology, 156 (Pt 3), 603-8
    PubMed 20093288
  38. Lauritzen KH, Moldestad O, Eide L, Carlsen H, Nesse G, Storm JF, Mansuy IM, Bergersen LH, Klungland A (2010)
    Mitochondrial DNA toxicity in forebrain neurons causes apoptosis, neurodegeneration, and impaired behavior
    Mol Cell Biol, 30 (6), 1357-67
    PubMed 20065039
  39. Leergaard TB, White NS, de Crespigny A, Bolstad I, D'Arceuil H, Bjaalie JG, Dale AM (2010)
    Quantitative histological validation of diffusion MRI fiber orientation distributions in the rat brain
    PLoS One, 5 (1), e8595
    PubMed 20062822
  40. Liao Y, Kristiansen AM, Oksvold CP, Tuvnes FA, Gu N, Rundén-Pran E, Ruth P, Sausbier M, Storm JF (2010)
    Neuronal Ca2+-activated K+ channels limit brain infarction and promote survival
    PLoS One, 5 (12), e15601
    PubMed 21209897
  41. Liu X, Nakayama S, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Ottersen OP, Bhardwaj A (2010)
    Arginine-vasopressin V1 but not V2 receptor antagonism modulates infarct volume, brain water content, and aquaporin-4 expression following experimental stroke
    Neurocrit Care, 12 (1), 124-31
    PubMed 19806476
  42. Madry C, Haglerød C, Attwell D (2010)
    The role of pannexin hemichannels in the anoxic depolarization of hippocampal pyramidal cells
    Brain, 133 (Pt 12), 3755-63
    PubMed 20940167
  43. Mathiisen TM, Lehre KP, Danbolt NC, Ottersen OP (2010)
    The perivascular astroglial sheath provides a complete covering of the brain microvessels: an electron microscopic 3D reconstruction
    Glia, 58 (9), 1094-103
    PubMed 20468051
  44. Migliati ER, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Froehner SC, Adams ME, Ottersen OP, Bhardwaj A (2010)
    Na(+)-K (+)-2Cl (-) cotransport inhibitor attenuates cerebral edema following experimental stroke via the perivascular pool of aquaporin-4
    Neurocrit Care, 13 (1), 123-31
    PubMed 20458553
  45. Møllersen L, Rowe AD, Larsen E, Rognes T, Klungland A (2010)
    Continuous and periodic expansion of CAG repeats in Huntington's disease R6/1 mice
    PLoS Genet, 6 (12), e1001242
    PubMed 21170307
  46. Nemani VM, Lu W, Berge V, Nakamura K, Onoa B, Lee MK, Chaudhry FA, Nicoll RA, Edwards RH (2010)
    Increased expression of alpha-synuclein reduces neurotransmitter release by inhibiting synaptic vesicle reclustering after endocytosis
    Neuron, 65 (1), 66-79
    PubMed 20152114
  47. Nordstrand LM, Svärd J, Larsen E, Nilsen A, Ougland R, Furu K, Lien GF, Rognes T, Namekawa SH, Lee JT, Klungland A (2010)
    Mice lacking Alkbh1 display sex-ratio distortion and unilateral eye defects
    PLoS One, 5 (11), e13827
    PubMed 21072209
  48. Nörenberg A, Hu H, Vida I, Bartos M, Jonas P (2010)
    Distinct nonuniform cable properties optimize rapid and efficient activation of fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 107 (2), 894-9
    PubMed 20080772
  49. Olberg DE, Cuthbertson A, Solbakken M, Arukwe JM, Qu H, Kristian A, Bruheim S, Hjelstuen OK (2010)
    Radiosynthesis and biodistribution of a prosthetic group (¹⁸F-FENMA) conjugated to cyclic RGD peptides
    Bioconjug Chem, 21 (12), 2297-304
    PubMed 21070000
  50. Olsen PA, Gelazauskaite M, Randøl M, Krauss S (2010)
    Analysis of illegitimate genomic integration mediated by zinc-finger nucleases: implications for specificity of targeted gene correction
    BMC Mol Biol, 11, 35
    PubMed 20459736
  51. Ottersen OP (2010)
    How hardwired is the brain? Technological advances provide new insight into brain malleability and neurotransmission
    Nutr Rev, 68 Suppl 2, S60-4
    PubMed 21091949
  52. Ricanek P, Lothe SM, Szpinda I, Jorde AT, Brackmann S, Perminow G, Jørgensen KK, Rydning A, Vatn MH, Tønjum T, IBSEN II study group (2010)
    Paucity of mycobacteria in mucosal bowel biopsies from adults and children with early inflammatory bowel disease
    J Crohns Colitis, 4 (5), 561-6
    PubMed 21122560
  53. Rissi M, Bolle E, Bjaalie JG, Buskenes JI, Dorholt O, Rohne O, Skretting A, Stapnes S (2010)
    COMPET - a Preclinical PET Scanner Implementing a Block Detector Geometry with High Resolution, High Sensitivity and 3D Event Reconstruction
    IEEE NUCL SCI CONF R, 2531-2534
  54. Raastad T, Owe SG, Paulsen G, Enns D, Overgaard K, Crameri R, Kiil S, Belcastro A, Bergersen L, Hallén J (2010)
    Changes in calpain activity, muscle structure, and function after eccentric exercise
    Med Sci Sports Exerc, 42 (1), 86-95
    PubMed 20010126
  55. Schoultz BW, Hjornevik T, Willoch F, Marton J, Noda A, Murakami Y, Miyoshi S, Nishimura S, Arstad E, Drzezga A, Matsunari I, Henriksen G (2010)
    Evaluation of the kappa-opioid receptor-selective tracer [(11)C]GR103545 in awake rhesus macaques
    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, 37 (6), 1174-80
    PubMed 20157708
  56. Solbu TT, Bjørkmo M, Berghuis P, Harkany T, Chaudhry FA (2010)
    SAT1, A Glutamine Transporter, is Preferentially Expressed in GABAergic Neurons
    Front Neuroanat, 4, 1
    PubMed 20161990
  57. Songe-Møller L, van den Born E, Leihne V, Vågbø CB, Kristoffersen T, Krokan HE, Kirpekar F, Falnes PØ, Klungland A (2010)
    Mammalian ALKBH8 possesses tRNA methyltransferase activity required for the biogenesis of multiple wobble uridine modifications implicated in translational decoding
    Mol Cell Biol, 30 (7), 1814-27
    PubMed 20123966
  58. Strøm BO, Aden P, Mathisen GH, Lømo J, Davanger S, Paulsen RE (2010)
    Transfection of chicken cerebellar granule neurons used to study glucocorticoid receptor regulation by nuclear receptor 4A (NR4A)
    J Neurosci Methods, 193 (1), 39-46
    PubMed 20727911
  59. Thomassen GO, Weel-Sneve R, Rowe AD, Booth JA, Lindvall JM, Lagesen K, Kristiansen KI, Bjørås M, Rognes T (2010)
    Tiling array analysis of UV treated Escherichia coli predicts novel differentially expressed small peptides
    PLoS One, 5 (12), e15356
    PubMed 21203457
  60. Vesth T, Wassenaar TM, Hallin PF, Snipen L, Lagesen K, Ussery DW (2010)
    On the origins of a Vibrio species
    Microb Ecol, 59 (1), 1-13
    PubMed 19830476
  61. Wang W, Osenbroch P, Skinnes R, Esbensen Y, Bjørås M, Eide L (2010)
    Mitochondrial DNA integrity is essential for mitochondrial maturation during differentiation of neural stem cells
    Stem Cells, 28 (12), 2195-204
    PubMed 20954243
  62. Wilson SR, Strand MF, Krapp A, Rise F, Herstad G, Malterud KE, Krauss S (2010)
    Hedgehog antagonists cyclopamine and dihydroveratramine can be mistaken for each other in Veratrum album
    J Pharm Biomed Anal, 53 (3), 497-502
    PubMed 20646889
  63. Wilson SR, Strand MF, Krapp A, Rise F, Petersen D, Krauss S (2010)
    Hedgehog antagonist cyclopamine isomerizes to less potent forms when acidified
    J Pharm Biomed Anal, 52 (5), 707-13
    PubMed 20236786

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