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Publications 2006

  1. Adzhubei AA, Laerdahl JK, Vlasova AV (2006)
    preAssemble: a tool for automatic sequencer trace data processing
    BMC Bioinformatics, 7, 22
    PubMed 16417643
  2. Alseth I, Rognes T, Lindbäck T, Solberg I, Robertsen K, Kristiansen KI, Mainieri D, Lillehagen L, Kolstø AB, Bjørås M (2006)
    A new protein superfamily includes two novel 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylases from Bacillus cereus, AlkC and AlkD
    Mol Microbiol, 59 (5), 1602-9
    PubMed 16468998
  3. Amarzguioui M, Peng Q, Wiiger MT, Vasovic V, Babaie E, Holen T, Nesland JM, Prydz H (2006)
    Ex vivo and in vivo delivery of anti-tissue factor short interfering RNA inhibits mouse pulmonary metastasis of B16 melanoma cells
    Clin Cancer Res, 12 (13), 4055-61
    PubMed 16818705
  4. Aspholm M, Kalia A, Ruhl S, Schedin S, Arnqvist A, Lindén S, Sjöström R, Gerhard M, Semino-Mora C, Dubois A, Unemo M, Danielsson D, Teneberg S, Lee WK, Berg DE, Borén T (2006)
    Helicobacter pylori adhesion to carbohydrates
    Methods Enzymol, 417, 293-339
    PubMed 17132512
  5. Aspholm M, Olfat FO, Nordén J, Sondén B, Lundberg C, Sjöström R, Altraja S, Odenbreit S, Haas R, Wadström T, Engstrand L, Semino-Mora C, Liu H, Dubois A, Teneberg S, Arnqvist A, Borén T (2006)
    SabA is the H. pylori hemagglutinin and is polymorphic in binding to sialylated glycans
    PLoS Pathog, 2 (10), e110
    PubMed 17121461
  6. Balthasar S, Samulin J, Ahlgren H, Bergelin N, Lundqvist M, Toescu EC, Eggo MC, Törnquist K (2006)
    Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor expression profile and regulation of migration in human thyroid cancer cells
    Biochem J, 398 (3), 547-56
    PubMed 16753042
  7. Bergersen LH (2006)
    [Lactate in the brain--without turning sour]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (16), 2094-7
    PubMed 16932776
  8. Bergersen LH, Storm-Mathisen J (2006)
    [Training and brain health]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (24), 3253
    PubMed 17170770
  9. Bergersen LH, Thomas M, Jóhannsson E, Waerhaug O, Halestrap A, Andersen K, Sejersted OM, Ottersen OP (2006)
    Cross-reinnervation changes the expression patterns of the monocarboxylate transporters 1 and 4: An experimental study in slow and fast rat skeletal muscle
    Neuroscience, 138 (4), 1105-13
    PubMed 16446038
  10. Biskup S, Moore DJ, Celsi F, Higashi S, West AB, Andrabi SA, Kurkinen K, Yu SW, Savitt JM, Waldvogel HJ, Faull RL, Emson PC, Torp R, Ottersen OP, Dawson TM, Dawson VL (2006)
    Localization of LRRK2 to membranous and vesicular structures in mammalian brain
    Ann Neurol, 60 (5), 557-69
    PubMed 17120249
  11. Bjaalie JG, Leergaard TB, Pettersen C (2006)
    Micro3D: computer program for three-dimensional reconstruction visualization, and analysis of neuronal populations and barin regions
    Int J Neurosci, 116 (4), 515-40
    PubMed 16596747
  12. Bjaalie JG, Zilles K (2006)
    New article category in anatomy and embryology: Methodological standards
    Anat Embryol (Berl), 211 (4), 255
    PubMed 16850343
  13. Bogen IL, Boulland JL, Mariussen E, Wright MS, Fonnum F, Kao HT, Walaas SI (2006)
    Absence of synapsin I and II is accompanied by decreases in vesicular transport of specific neurotransmitters
    J Neurochem, 96 (5), 1458-66
    PubMed 16478532
  14. Boy J, Leergaard TB, Schmidt T, Odeh F, Bichelmeier U, Nuber S, Holzmann C, Wree A, Prusiner SB, Bujard H, Riess O, Bjaalie JG (2006)
    Expression mapping of tetracycline-responsive prion protein promoter: digital atlasing for generating cell-specific disease models
    Neuroimage, 33 (2), 449-62
    PubMed 16931059
  15. Bragg AD, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Ottersen OP, Adams ME, Froehner SC (2006)
    Assembly of a perivascular astrocyte protein scaffold at the mammalian blood-brain barrier is dependent on alpha-syntrophin
    Glia, 53 (8), 879-90
    PubMed 16609960
  16. D'Errico M, Parlanti E, Teson M, de Jesus BM, Degan P, Calcagnile A, Jaruga P, Bjørås M, Crescenzi M, Pedrini AM, Egly JM, Zambruno G, Stefanini M, Dizdaroglu M, Dogliotti E (2006)
    New functions of XPC in the protection of human skin cells from oxidative damage
    EMBO J, 25 (18), 4305-15
    PubMed 16957781
  17. Davidsen T, Tønjum T (2006)
    Meningococcal genome dynamics
    Nat Rev Microbiol, 4 (1), 11-22
    PubMed 16357857
  18. Dietrichs E, Gundersen V (2006)
    [Glutamate--the most important transmitter in the brain]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (20), 2643
    PubMed 17057761
  19. Feligioni M, Holman D, Haglerod C, Davanger S, Henley JM (2006)
    Ultrastructural localisation and differential agonist-induced regulation of AMPA and kainate receptors present at the presynaptic active zone and postsynaptic density
    J Neurochem, 99 (2), 549-60
    PubMed 16903873
  20. Frydenlund DS, Bhardwaj A, Otsuka T, Mylonakou MN, Yasumura T, Davidson KG, Zeynalov E, Skare O, Laake P, Haug FM, Rash JE, Agre P, Ottersen OP, Amiry-Moghaddam M (2006)
    Temporary loss of perivascular aquaporin-4 in neocortex after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 103 (36), 13532-6
    PubMed 16938871
  21. Frye SA, Assalkhou R, Collins RF, Ford RC, Petersson C, Derrick JP, Tønjum T (2006)
    Topology of the outer-membrane secretin PilQ from Neisseria meningitidis
    Microbiology, 152 (Pt 12), 3751-64
    PubMed 17159226
  22. Golovanov AP, Balasingham S, Tzitzilonis C, Goult BT, Lian LY, Homberset H, Tønjum T, Derrick JP (2006)
    Assignment of 1H, 13C, and 15N resonances for the PilP pilot protein from Neisseria meningitidis
    J Biomol NMR, 36 Suppl 1, 68
    PubMed 16933020
  23. Golovanov AP, Balasingham S, Tzitzilonis C, Goult BT, Lian LY, Homberset H, Tønjum T, Derrick JP (2006)
    The solution structure of a domain from the Neisseria meningitidis lipoprotein PilP reveals a new beta-sandwich fold
    J Mol Biol, 364 (2), 186-95
    PubMed 17007878
  24. Hoell IA, Dalhus B, Heggset EB, Aspmo SI, Eijsink VG (2006)
    Crystal structure and enzymatic properties of a bacterial family 19 chitinase reveal differences from plant enzymes
    FEBS J, 273 (21), 4889-900
    PubMed 17010167
  25. Holen T (2006)
    Efficient prediction of siRNAs with siRNArules 1.0: an open-source JAVA approach to siRNA algorithms
    RNA, 12 (9), 1620-5
    PubMed 16870995
  26. Holmseth S, Lehre KP, Danbolt NC (2006)
    Specificity controls for immunocytochemistry
    Anat Embryol (Berl), 211 (4), 257-66
    PubMed 16435108
  27. Lancaster B, Hu H, Gibb B, Storm JF (2006)
    Kinetics of ion channel modulation by cAMP in rat hippocampal neurones
    J Physiol, 576 (Pt 2), 403-17
    PubMed 16901946
  28. Larsen E, Reite K, Nesse G, Gran C, Seeberg E, Klungland A (2006)
    Repair and mutagenesis at oxidized DNA lesions in the developing brain of wild-type and Ogg1-/- mice
    Oncogene, 25 (17), 2425-32
    PubMed 16369492
  29. Larsen KE, Schmitz Y, Troyer MD, Mosharov E, Dietrich P, Quazi AZ, Savalle M, Nemani V, Chaudhry FA, Edwards RH, Stefanis L, Sulzer D (2006)
    Alpha-synuclein overexpression in PC12 and chromaffin cells impairs catecholamine release by interfering with a late step in exocytosis
    J Neurosci, 26 (46), 11915-22
    PubMed 17108165
  30. Leergaard TB, Lillehaug S, De Schutter E, Bower JM, Bjaalie JG (2006)
    Topographical organization of pathways from somatosensory cortex through the pontine nuclei to tactile regions of the rat cerebellar hemispheres
    Eur J Neurosci, 24 (10), 2801-12
    PubMed 17156205
  31. Martín-Ibañez R, Jenstad M, Berghuis P, Edwards RH, Hioki H, Kaneko T, Mulder J, Canals JM, Ernfors P, Chaudhry FA, Harkany T (2006)
    Vesicular glutamate transporter 3 (VGLUT3) identifies spatially segregated excitatory terminals in the rat substantia nigra
    Eur J Neurosci, 23 (4), 1063-70
    PubMed 16519671
  32. O'Shea RD, Lau CL, Farso MC, Diwakarla S, Zagami CJ, Svendsen BB, Feeney SJ, Callaway JK, Jones NM, Pow DV, Danbolt NC, Jarrott B, Beart PM (2006)
    Effects of lipopolysaccharide on glial phenotype and activity of glutamate transporters: Evidence for delayed up-regulation and redistribution of GLT-1
    Neurochem Int, 48 (6-7), 604-10
    PubMed 16530295
  33. Persson S, Boulland JL, Aspling M, Larsson M, Fremeau RT, Edwards RH, Storm-Mathisen J, Chaudhry FA, Broman J (2006)
    Distribution of vesicular glutamate transporters 1 and 2 in the rat spinal cord, with a note on the spinocervical tract
    J Comp Neurol, 497 (5), 683-701
    PubMed 16786558
  34. Petersen PH, Tang H, Zou K, Zhong W (2006)
    The enigma of the numb-Notch relationship during mammalian embryogenesis
    Dev Neurosci, 28 (1-2), 156-68
    PubMed 16508312
  35. Petersson C, Forsberg M, Aspholm M, Olfat FO, Forslund T, Borén T, Magnusson KE (2006)
    Helicobacter pylori SabA adhesin evokes a strong inflammatory response in human neutrophils which is down-regulated by the neutrophil-activating protein
    Med Microbiol Immunol, 195 (4), 195-206
    PubMed 16758245
  36. Puwarawuttipanit W, Bragg AD, Frydenlund DS, Mylonakou MN, Nagelhus EA, Peters MF, Kotchabhakdi N, Adams ME, Froehner SC, Haug FM, Ottersen OP, Amiry-Moghaddam M (2006)
    Differential effect of alpha-syntrophin knockout on aquaporin-4 and Kir4.1 expression in retinal macroglial cells in mice
    Neuroscience, 137 (1), 165-75
    PubMed 16257493
  37. Ranneberg-Nilsen T, Bjørås M, Luna L, Slettebakk R, Dale HA, Seeberg E, Rollag H (2006)
    Human cytomegalovirus infection modulates DNA base excision repair in fibroblast cells
    Virology, 348 (2), 389-97
    PubMed 16476462
  38. Ringvoll J, Nordstrand LM, Vågbø CB, Talstad V, Reite K, Aas PA, Lauritzen KH, Liabakk NB, Bjørk A, Doughty RW, Falnes PØ, Krokan HE, Klungland A (2006)
    Repair deficient mice reveal mABH2 as the primary oxidative demethylase for repairing 1meA and 3meC lesions in DNA
    EMBO J, 25 (10), 2189-98
    PubMed 16642038
  39. Rodland EA (2006)
    Simes' procedure is 'valid on average'
    Biometrika, 93 (3), 742-746
  40. Rødland EA (2006)
    Pseudoknots in RNA secondary structures: representation, enumeration, and prevalence
    J Comput Biol, 13 (6), 1197-213
    PubMed 16901237
  41. Sailer CA, Kaufmann WA, Kogler M, Chen L, Sausbier U, Ottersen OP, Ruth P, Shipston MJ, Knaus HG (2006)
    Immunolocalization of BK channels in hippocampal pyramidal neurons
    Eur J Neurosci, 24 (2), 442-54
    PubMed 16903852
  42. Sundheim O, Vågbø CB, Bjørås M, Sousa MM, Talstad V, Aas PA, Drabløs F, Krokan HE, Tainer JA, Slupphaug G (2006)
    Human ABH3 structure and key residues for oxidative demethylation to reverse DNA/RNA damage
    EMBO J, 25 (14), 3389-97
    PubMed 16858410
  43. Thomassen GO, Røsok O, Rognes T (2006)
    Computational prediction of microRNAs encoded in viral and other genomes
    J Biomed Biotechnol, 2006 (4), 95270
    PubMed 17057374
  44. Torp R, Singh PB, Sørensen DR, Dietrichs E, Hirschberg H (2006)
    [Growth factors as neuroprotective treatment in Parkinson disease?]
    Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 126 (7), 899-901
    PubMed 16554879
  45. Touati E, Michel V, Thiberge JM, Avé P, Huerre M, Bourgade F, Klungland A, Labigne A (2006)
    Deficiency in OGG1 protects against inflammation and mutagenic effects associated with H. pylori infection in mouse
    Helicobacter, 11 (5), 494-505
    PubMed 16961812
  46. Vervaeke K, Gu N, Agdestein C, Hu H, Storm JF (2006)
    Kv7/KCNQ/M-channels in rat glutamatergic hippocampal axons and their role in regulation of excitability and transmitter release
    J Physiol, 576 (Pt 1), 235-56
    PubMed 16840518
  47. Vervaeke K, Hu H, Graham LJ, Storm JF (2006)
    Contrasting effects of the persistent Na+ current on neuronal excitability and spike timing
    Neuron, 49 (2), 257-70
    PubMed 16423699
  48. Vicente M, Hodgson J, Massidda O, Tonjum T, Henriques-Normark B, Ron EZ (2006)
    The fallacies of hope: will we discover new antibiotics to combat pathogenic bacteria in time?
    FEMS Microbiol Rev, 30 (6), 841-52
    PubMed 17064283
  49. Vikne H, Refsnes PE, Ekmark M, Medbø JI, Gundersen V, Gundersen K (2006)
    Muscular performance after concentric and eccentric exercise in trained men
    Med Sci Sports Exerc, 38 (10), 1770-81
    PubMed 17019299
  50. Walberg M, Mørk C, Sandven P, Jorde AT, Bjørås M, Gaustad P (2006)
    18S rDNA polymerase chain reaction and sequencing in onychomycosis diagnostics
    Acta Derm Venereol, 86 (3), 223-6
    PubMed 16710579
  51. Warskulat U, Borsch E, Reinehr R, Heller-Stilb B, Mönnighoff I, Buchczyk D, Donner M, Flögel U, Kappert G, Soboll S, Beer S, Pfeffer K, Marschall HU, Gabrielsen M, Amiry-Moghaddam M, Ottersen OP, Dienes HP, Häussinger D (2006)
    Chronic liver disease is triggered by taurine transporter knockout in the mouse
    FASEB J, 20 (3), 574-6
    PubMed 16421246
  52. Yip S, Sabetrasekh R, Sidman RL, Snyder EY (2006)
    Neural stem cells as novel cancer therapeutic vehicles
    Eur J Cancer, 42 (9), 1298-308
    PubMed 16697638
  53. Aas FE, Egge-Jacobsen W, Winther-Larsen HC, Løvold C, Hitchen PG, Dell A, Koomey M (2006)
    Neisseria gonorrhoeae type IV pili undergo multisite, hierarchical modifications with phosphoethanolamine and phosphocholine requiring an enzyme structurally related to lipopolysaccharide phosphoethanolamine transferases
    J Biol Chem, 281 (38), 27712-23
    PubMed 16825186

Other publications

  1. Bjaalie JG, Leergaard TB (2006)
    Three-dimensional computerized reconstruction from serial sections: cell populations, regions, and whole brain
    In Neuroanatomical tract tracing 3: Molecules, neurons and systems, 3rd edition (Zaborszky L, Wouterlood FG, Lanciego JL, eds.), Springer/Kluwer/Plenum, pp. 530-565
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  4. Rødland EA (2006)
    Correction: Exact distribution of word counts in shuffled sequences
    Adv Appl Probab, 38 (2), 580
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