Norwegian Microbiology


22nd October to 24th October, 2006

Norwegian Microbiology Meeting 2006, NoMi-06
A national meeting for junior scientist in microbial biology


The NoMi-06 meeting is the first in a biannual series of meetings that seeks to gather junior scientists, post-docs, and Ph.D. students working in Norwegian institutions and companies in the area of microbial biology. This first meeting is limited to 60 participants from all regions of Norway and is organized by the FUGE platform CAMST (Consortium of Advanced Microbial Science and Technology) and the University of Oslo. This year the meeting will be held at the traditional Dr. Holm's Hotel beautifully situated at Geilo and will begin at lunch Sunday 22nd October and last until lunch Tuesday 24th October.

NoMi-06 will invite three prominent foreign senior scientists that are known for being good, comprehensive and inspiring speakers. They will stay throughout the whole meeting and part-take in scientific discussions with the other participants. We hope that this will be a fruitful environment for young scientist to discuss and interact scientifically in a relaxed atmosphere.

Conference fees

Conference fee + one bed in a shared double room 500 NOK
Conference fee + single room 800 NOK

A limited number of travelgrants are available for researchers that are unable to finance their transport to Geilo by other means. Travelgrant application can be sent to normic06@yahoo.no.

Organizing comitee:

  • Hanne C. Winther-Larsen - (IMBV, UiO) - administration
  • Åshild Vik - (IMBV, UiO) - administration
  • Marina Aspholm - (IMBV, UiO) - Scientifically responsible
  • Roger Meisal - (FHI) - Sponsors officer
  • Line Johnsen - (Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet HF) - Abstracts book and lay-out
  • Stephan A. Frye - (Molecular Biology, Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet HF) - web & tech. responsible
  • Ole Herman Ambur - (Molecular Biology, Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet HF) - web & tech. responsible

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