Meeting Oslo October 11-13, 2006

Glutamatergic Mechanisms: Implications for Brain Disease

Program updated Friday October 4. Please look for later changes.

Wednesday 11 October

18:00 Opening reception for invited guests

Thursday 12 October: Nye Auditorium 13, Domus Medica

08.25 Registration and coffee

Morning session 08:55 12:30

08:55 S Davanger (Oslo): Welcome and opening remarks

Receptor trafficking

09:00 D Choquet (Bordeaux): Surface trafficking of receptors between synaptic and extrasynaptic membranes

09:30 C Mulle (Bordeaux): Kainate receptor trafficking and interactions

10:00 Coffee break, refreshments

Glutamate receptor interactions

10:15 D Holman (Bristol): AMPAR trafficking following LTD induction in acute hippocampal slices

10:30 S Martin (Bristol): SUMOylation of GluR6 : a key post-translational modification for kainate receptor function

10:45 F Conquet (Bordeaux): Assessment of NMDA receptor activity via Flow cytometry analysis

11:00 Coffee break, refreshments

NMDA receptors

11:15 H Bading ( Heidelberg ): NMDA receptor signaling and neuroprotection

11:45 D Attwell ( London ): Novel glial NMDA receptors and their interactions during reversed uptake in ischemia

12:15 Lunch

Afternoon session 13:30 16:00

13:15 R Edwards (San Francisco): Function of vesicular glutamate transporters

13:45 Break

14:00-16:00 The Jahre Lectures 2006

Convener Ole M Sejersted (Chairman of the Jahre Prize Committee)

14:00 J Storm-Mathisen (Oslo): 'Glutamate: transmitter in the central nervous system' over 25 years

14:45 Coffee break, refreshments

15:00 FA Chaudhry (Oslo): Multiple roles of glutamine transporters in multicellular organisms

15:30 P Nissen (Aarhus): Structure and function in cell biology: ribosomes and calcium pumps

16:00 Poster presentations. Session ends 17:30

19:30 Dinner for invited speakers

Friday 13 October: Store Auditorium, Rikshospitalet

Morning session 09:00-12:15


09:00 C Anderson (Cambridge): High throughput screening of synaptic proteins

09:30 P Roepstorff (Odense): Mass spectrometric analysis of protein interactions

10:00 Coffee break, refreshments


10:00 L Bergersen (Oslo): The structural basis for glial glutamate release and action

10:30 A Volterra (Lausanne/Milan): Glial regulation of synaptic transmission

11:00 Coffee break, refreshments


11:15 T Rauen (Osnabrück): CNS Glutamate Transporters: Molecular Mechanism, Pre-Steady-State Kinetics, and their Impact on Synaptic Signalling

11:45 NC Danbolt (Oslo): Glutamate uptake in glutamatergic nerve endings

12:15 Lunch

Afternoon session 13:15-16:00

Molecular mechanisms of neuronal change

13:15 M Tymianski (Toronto): Molecular mechanisms of glutamate-dependent neurodegeneration

13:45 L Kaczmarek (Warsaw): c-Fos/AP-1 targets: From regulation of gene expression to synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory

14:15 Coffee break, refreshments

Molecular tools

14:30 T Holen (Oslo): Knock down of glutamate receptor interacting protein PICK1 in hippocampal neurons

14:45 DM Hermann (Zurich): Innovative tools and strategies for the delivery of neuroprotective compounds to the diseased brain

15:15 Coffee break, refreshments

Clinical implications

15:30 V Gundersen (Oslo): Clinical use of glutamatergic drugs

15:45 OP Ottersen (Oslo): Future glutamate research - quo vadis ?

16:00 End of session

17:30 Anders Jahre's Awards for Medical Research 2006

19:30 Dinner for invited speakers