View over Ålesund from Aksla
View over Ålesund from Aksla


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Bjørn Dalhus
Jiri Bartek
Vilhelm Bohr
Serge Boiteux
Keith Caldecott
Bruce Demple
Gregory Dianov
Eugenia Dogliotti
Tom Ellenberger
Pål Falnes
Errol Friedberg
Robert Fuchs
Pierre-Henri Gaillard
Giuseppina Giglia-Mari
Myron Goodman
Fumio Hanaoka
Karl-Peter Hopfner
Ulrich Hübscher
Nico Dantuma
Arne Klungland
Tom Kunkel
Tomas Lindahl
Cynthia McMurray
Sankar Mitra
Yusaku Nakabeppu
Laura Niedernhofer
Hilde Nilsen
Marit Otterlei
Ulrich Rass
Leona Samson
Primo Schär
Orlando Scharer
Binghui Shen
Geir Slupphaug
John A. Tainer
Andrea Scrima
Wim Vermeulen
Samuel Wilson
Roger Woodgate


The Seeberg symposium on DNA repair will take place in Ålesund and the spectacular fjord of Geiranger. We will meet in Ålesund at Radisson SAS Hotel on June 20 and travel to Geiranger with the Coastal Liner on June 21. In Geiranger we will stay at the Hotel Union to the end of the meeting.

The main scientific focus of this meeting will be on DNA repair mechanisms and mutagenesis. Most mutagenic and carcinogenic agents induce covalent changes in the structure of the DNA and living organisms have evolved a large number of gene functions specifically designed to repair or tolerate such alterations without loss of viability or development of disease. DNA repair mechanisms are probably the most important cellular protection against the development of cancer and are also essential for living cells to survive in an environment that would otherwise cause unacceptable mutation frequencies. The importance of DNA repair for normal life existence has been verified by discoveries of coupling between transcription and repair, by association between DNA repair and cell- cycle checkpoints, and by identification of nucleotide excision and mismatch repair genes being essential for prevention of cancer and neurological disease in man. Topics for the meeting include mutagenic DNA processing, translesion synthesis, DNA damage and repair as therapeutic target, DNA repair and aging, DNA repair and chromatin remodeling/structure, triplet expansion and repair, and cancer.

We are strongly encouraging graduate students and postdocs to participate at the meeting with posters. Depending on the available funding we intend to provide fellowships for students and postdocs.


Conference secretary:Organizing commitee:
Helene Wold Ranum - Helene.Wold.Ranum at rr-research.noOphélie Aussedat, Magnar Bjørås, Robert Fuchs, Arne Klungland, Hans Krokan, Torbjørn Rognes and Helene Wold Ranum